Nam June Paik Museum Kyonggi

The Contrast Program

Striking in NJPs work is the way he brings together the extremes; he is constantly stepping accross the borders and exploring the territories of technology, sound, nature, image and light. He creates a wild world of contrasts confronting bright- dark, physical-virtual, hightech- lowtech, pop- meditation, X/0, +/- and so on.
Intensity and polarity are coming together with play, experiment, curiosity and a subtle smile, always containing both extremes at the same time: as well as.

The Museum is thought around the visitor. And in the spirit of NJP the proposed architecture is direct, radical, and surprising. With the themes of architecture, the great contrasts bright/ dark, outside/ inside, high/ lowtech, geometric/ organic - the museum leads playfully into the worlds of NJP without competing with his artwork and icons. Just being architecture and performing on the interface , whetting one�s appetite. Space, light, territory, sound and technology are the central components of the Design.

Nam June Paik Museum
Kyonggi Seoul, Korea


Client: Kyonggi Cultural Foundation

Collaboration with r e l a x
Marie-Antoinette Chiarenza
Daniel Hauser

Architect: Isa Stürm Urs Wolf SA
Maud Châtelet, Isa Stürm, Urs Wolf