Mobile Clinic for Africa

Clinic promotes a frame of mind. It heralds a meaningful and creative encounter between Western medicine and African people challenged to overcome the AIDS epidemic.
The structure of the ritual is the starting point of the design. As a sign visible from afar, clinic embodies the desire to provide appealing AIDS/HIV prevention and directly accessible basic treatment. The design is conceived as an undefined unit open to the projection of villagers� ideas.Through repeated journeys and visits and intense use, the experience of villagers is visually linked with the object clinic. Through ritual use, clinic becomes a sign of hope.

Mobile HIV AIDS Health Clinic for Africa
Subsaharian Countries

Competition: Final Nomination

Client: Architecture for Humanity
Cameron Sinclair

Architecture: Isa Stürm Urs Wolf SA
Yoshihiro Nagamine, Isa Stürm, Urs Wolf

Social Anthropologist / Psychoanalyst:
Dr. Danielle Bazzi

Special Thanks to:
Emil Frey AG, Car Builder
Annen Modellbau AG, Model Builder
Medecins Sans Frontieres, Africateam
Pfarrer Sieber, Aidsklinik Sunnehof

Date of Competition: Autumn 2002

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