West Broadway New York

The design concept for this temptating hoestore is to create an artificial skyscape, providing a cool and airy space as a kind of relief from the noise and bustling activity of West Broadway.

Client: Ckyra Inc. New York
Ilja Buzdin, Anders Perbo, Natalia Kieseleva, Henry Williams

General contractor: Taocon Inc., New York
Steven Lamazore, Jordan Magenheim, Chris Mc Nally

Architects: Isa Stürm Urs Wolf SA, New York
Nina Chen, Iela Herrling, Marcel Santer, Isa Stürm,Urs Wolf,

Lighting design: L`Observatoire International, New York
Hervé Descottes, Lindsay Gillespie

Specialty painter: Jason Middlebrook, New York

Graffiti painter: Toast and Shark, Berne
Ata Bozaci, Harun Dogan

Grafics: WBG AG, Zürich
Rolf Weiersmüller

Seating: Aquacreation, Tel Aviv
Ayala Serfaty, Limor Goren