Isa Stürm Urs Wolf SA invent buildings and spaces for magnificent cities on a gorgeous planet.

Isa Stürm
born in Paris and living in Zürich completed her studies of architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich. Before establishing her own architectural practice with Urs Wolf she was collaborating with Santiago Calatrava, Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron. She regularly sits on juries and on boards of cultural and art institutions, acts as a visiting critic, writes texts and gives talks and lectures.

With a young team of architects the firm operates in Switzerland as well as around the world. Buildings and projects insist on performative forms while inventing possibilities for content and everyday use thus producing cutting-edge objects. Architecture is seen as an actor in the field of the arts, culture. Producing habitats for the everyday.

The firm’s working practice includes projects for housing, museums, cultural institutions, industry, offices, schools, urban planning as well as landscaping projects. Research, experiment and collaboration with practitioners in other fields are important means of stimulating professional discourse and finally transforming the clients’ needs into architecture.

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Isa Stürm

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On the shores of Lake of Constance

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Andres Ruiz Andrade y sus Monumentos
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Giulia Supernuova degli spiriti SWA

Isa Stürm und die geholten Stühle
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Marcus Maier presenting his colors
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Nadja Furler prendendo i putti sul soffito
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