The tall, gigantically enlarged turf brick makes symbolic reference to the topic "Who am I?" and to the main theme of the Arteplage at Yverdon: "I and the Universe." Its painted cladding creates the illusion of a macrocosm, before which the visitor shrinks to the size of Alice in Wonderland. Twelve entrances varying in shape and size lead through its gravel and root layers into a vast, dark space flooded with Laurie Anderson's sound. In the light play of her ceiling image and above reflecting water, the visitor steps forward along one of the twelve platforms leading to an island featuring a leaf-shaped, six-part bed for 60 people. On lying down, people hear voices asking questions in many languages on the topic "Who am I?" and look up, 13 m overhead, at the probably largest computer-controlled image composition ever displayed (1200 m2). Thought-provoking images, both uncanny and delightful, migrate across the ceiling, while visitors, photographed in the loungers, see themselves as protagonists integrated into the picture. The archetypal structure with its fittings reflects a social construction where individuals simultaneously view themselves as both subject and object. Everything from the architecture, image, light, or sound, to the chlorophyll green costumes for the custodians ("Greenies") has been meticulously coordinated.

Jacqueline Burckhardt, Isa Stürm, Urs Wolf