Umbau Mariabergstrasse 19

At Mariabergstrasse 19 historic architecture and modern living comforts meet. Set in a garden oasis, four carefully renovated levels captivate with unique colors and materials recalling their respective epoch. Starting in fall of 2024, these apartments offer a peaceful space for individuality and community in Rorschach.

Image by Yoshihiro Nagamine

Röntgenareal SVA Rooftop Bistro Zürich Switzerland

A bistro crowns the Social Insurance Institution Zürich – and like a ship, it is anchored along the railway tracks, in a sea of houses and surrounding hills. Three wooden elements form the bow, midship and stern, each one containing a kitchen.

Foto by Mihai Sovaiala

Röntgenareal SVA Social Insurances Zürich Switzerland

Situated at an industrial edge of the city, the office building starts creating an open field for housing. This is the Röntgenareal, a deep urban environment where contemporary modes of working and living take place. The motherbuilding is constructed by the Sozialversicherungsanstalt (“Social Insurance Fund”) and resembles a striking urban signet, the Blitz.

Foto by Heinrich Helfenstein

Röntgenareal SVA Zürich Wartezone Kundenhalle

In the lobby of the "Social Insurances Fund" building parasitic constructions play discreetely with art and architecture. A meandering display and a writing desk perform on the rounded columns and the maple furnitures in front of the visitors eyes.

Foto by Basile Specker

Nuova Sede CPT Chiasso

Our proposition for the new professional textile centre CPT Chiasso acts as an eye-catcher for passengers traveling on the Zürich – Milano train line and puts Chiasso on the map as an international fashion hub.

Image by Yoshihiro Nagamine


Promulins in Samedan offers stunning views of the Isla Glischa meadow – something the OGNA project wanted to take full advantage of. 60 apartments in a wood prefab construction are located within the lush plains of the Engadin valley, complemented by communal indoor and outdoor spaces with extensive greenery.

Image by Stefano Zeni

Crescher Insembel

Crescher Insembel rethinks what housing in the Engadin valley could be through a combination of tradition and innovation. Twin masonry buildings react to the historic, angled constellations of Crasta while the central sulèr functions both as an entryway and winter garden.

Image by Yoshihiro Nagamine.

Wohnweiler Landgarbe Zollikofen

The Wohnweiler Landgarbe celebrates modern country living in the building tradition of the Bernese hamlet. The extension of the original farmhouse and complementation with two additional buildings forms a coherent whole. SWA envisions a forward-thinking residential development as an antidote to the investment-driven agglomerations of the Swiss capital.

Image by Yoshihiro Nagamine YOS

Mariabergstrasse Rorschach

Coming soon – the garden apartments of Rorschach. With an architecture oriented towards the housing needs of the future, climate, geography and urban environment, the residential complex is set in the midst of twelve, partially historic gardens. A public roofscape replaces the built footprint and colorful, wooden panels tie the building in with its surrounding.

© by Yoshihiro Nagamine

Neugasse Zürich

Neugasse offers a modern environment for life, work and play. Ground floor office space, a double-height bar and 25 apartments, each with their own unique architecture, make up the programme behind the striking facade. Internally interweaving with the existing architecture it completes the city block and neighborhood street corner.

Foto by Walter Mair

Röntgenareal Housing Zürich Switzerland

Seen from a train, the nine apartment houses with the “mother building” constructed by the “Social Insurance Fund” resemble a striking signet at the centre of the city. At the same time, the industrial quarter opens up towards the railway track as if at a lakeshore. Due to the differentiated position of the houses, not only does every apartment receive fresh air, a view and a share of the spaciousness, but the same also applies to the neighbouring development.

Foto by Luca Zanier

Lokremise St.Gallen

The Lokremise of St. Gall - a rotunda building once for the maintenance of steam locomotives - is being reanimated and wakes up as the cultural hub of the region. A platform for the performing arts: Film, media art, dance, theater and last but not least the fine arts. The Lokremise is program and architecture at once!

Foto by Katalin Deer

Who am I? Pavilion of Swiss National Exhibition Yverdon-les-Bains Switzerland

Twelve catwalks lead across the mirrorlike expanses of water to the middle of the building, where you are under the open sky. There you are lying onto the huge red bed in a foam mold. You ll find yourself in a world of questions and sounds. Suddenly high up towards the roof, something larger than life starts to fly around. It s the image of yours, taking its place in a community, in a finite universe of space and time.

Foto by Yves André

Arbeitswelt 4.0

Büro 4.0 spielt auf eine neue Generation der Informationstechnologie an. Die Arbeitsumgebung bleibt weiterhin mitarbeitszentriert und tätigkeitsbasiert, aber sie spielt sich in verschiedenen Räumen und Orten parallel ab: Im Büroraum, im Wohnraum, und im virtuellen Raum.


Kerquelen Shoes West Broadway New York USA

For this temptating shoestore we created an artificial skyscape, providing a cool and airy space as a kind of relief from the noise and bustling activity of West Broadway.

Foto by Paul Warchol

Kerquelen Shoestore Greene Street New York USA

The design idea is to create an immersive shoescape, providing a surprising expanse of space amidst the compressed Soho streets. Casually strolling in from the street, one engages in a leisurely promenade, enjoying the rich collections of shoes expanding in front of the rear horizon.

Foto by Paul Warchol

Kunst(Zeug)Haus Rapperswil

This former armory in Rapperswil was built by the Swiss Confederation in 1904. The architectural transformation underscores its current cultural significance as a collectors museum for contemporary art and library of Robinson Crusoe books in any imaginable language. The dragonlike roofridge brings the daylight in this collectors, artists and visitors universe and sets a sign in the landscape.

Foto by Hannes Henz

Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

The Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein has four halls with different light qualities: zenital light for painting, diffuse northlight for sculpture and no daylight for videos and drawings. They are located above a magic shadow space where the foyer of the city is located.

Foto by Heinrich Helfenstein

Weinberg Zürich

For the fashion flaneur we composed a breathtaking succession of open-plan spaces, a fashoin garden on Zürichs global boulevard, the Bahnhofstrasse.

Foto by Cédric Eisenring

Fassadensanierung Mariabergstrasse 19 Rorschach

Former Trading House at the Lake of Constance built by Italian Merchants 1798, now used as a residential townhouse. Built with blocks of sandstone of the local ground, slack lime plaster and traditional woodwork.

Foto by Valentin Jeck

Habitat in Venice

Exhibition at the IUAV of 12 EPFL student projects urbanizing under the influence of Sansovinos Misericordia in the Canareggio. Animating the most urban city of the world by parasite, situationist, analogue and classic in- and interventions.

Foto by SWA

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