Neugasse Zürich

The townhouse with offices and apartments completes a block in the industrial quarter of Zurich. Representing the street corner between two officebuildings of the 50ies and the early 60ies it sprawls internally the structure of the existing block.

Weinberg Zürich

Weinberg Bahnhofstrasse 11 represents the firms sixth fashion boutique on the global boulevard. Located at the ground floor of listed bankbuildings Weinbergs history reveals changes of Zurichs urban space. For the digital turn customers are treated to a breathtaking succession of open-plan spaces.

Röntgenareal SVA Zürich

Lokremise St.Gallen

Die Lokremise - eine Halle für Lokomotiven im Zentrum von St. Gallen - wird das zentrale Kulturzentrum der Stadt. Ein Werkplatz für perfomative Künste: Film, Medienkunst, Tanz, Theater. Die Lokremise ist Programm und Architektur zugleich!

Habitat in Venice

Exhibition at the IUAV of 12 EPFL student projects urbanizing under the influence of Sansovinos Misericordia in the Canareggio. Animating the most urban city of the world by parasite, situationist, analogue and classic in- and interventions.